Jos Lempers

The artist and his work

Jos lives and works in Nuth, near Maastricht, where he has got his own studio. At a young age he discovered his love for Art. He studied languages and after that he mastered his studies to become a certified restorer of paintings. He followed his training by Etienne Mahieu, who supervised the technical analyses of the Mesdag panorama in The Hague and the works of Vincent van Gogh at the Kröller-Müller museum. This has become his inspiration to make the transition to visual artist.

In his paintings you see a constant quest in which experiments with technology, underlying materials and colour are paramount.

Music, from classical to rock, but above all its rhythmic element, plays an essential role in this creative process. His colour combinations should evoke enthusiasm, joy and a feeling of harmony among viewers and art lovers. Palette knife, brush and paint are the musical instruments in a creative quest for perfection which allows it to happen that a work is painted over if it does not meet his strict requirements.

In these works of Art you can see the intense experience and emotion of the artist who creates, but also plays with his inner experience world. Intuition and feelings determine the choice of colour and method. A subtle underpainting is applied and then gradual colour gradations, which are accompanied by beautiful transitions and detailed colours up to a micro level. Sometimes serene and quiet, and then wild and unpredictable, but always colourful and harmonious.

The non-figurative and colourful images evoke a personal emotion in everyone. Whatever this emotion, it is decisive at that moment and only of interest to the concerned spectator and art lover.

His work can be described as dynamic, harmonious and always fascinating.